small-beardedboyzHello and welcome to Bearded Boyz. We are a small group of guys (and gals) working off the land in the foothills of West Virginia. We started Bearded Boyz to get back in touch with doing things the way our grandfathers did, with our hands.
I guess you would call Bearded Boyz an experiment to find out if a man can make an honest living with some tools and what mother nature has provided us.
Our hope is to, one day, work right next to a river and take long lunches fishing off the dock right into the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers.
But for right now we are just a just a small group of families and friends with a small hat full of dreams and a hunger to bring back the sense of community and brotherly love that we see missing in most of American big box stores.
It will be fun to find out just how far we can go and with our neighbors, family and friends rooting for us we are sure going to give it the old hillbilly try.
So if you have a suggestion for a genuine piece of Americana we would be obliged to sit a spell and talk it over.
Thanks again for visiting our sites and supporting one of the best groups of guys I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

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